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SHQUARED is a Munich-based start-up founded in 2020 with the mission to provide a sustainable solution for the lack of commercial space in urban surroundings. With its digital platform, SHQUARED connects people offering and people in need of commercial space, enabling them to create unique space collaborations – Shared Squares. This way, urban and commercial space can be used more efficiently leading the way for more diverse and creative city design.

Sharing is caring

Venturing through Munich with their pop-up food stores, the two founders Nastia and Daniela were often guests in various different locations. To them, using other businesses’ space in a metropolitan city like Munich was a real eye-opener for just how much commercial space remains empty at certain times a day or some days of the week: hair salons on a Monday, ice-cream shops in winter or co-working spaces on weekends. True to the motto “sharing is caring”, the founders of SHQUARED support people in co-using urban space. In this, they saw an opportunity to not only fill empty space but use it sustainably to create synergies and a community business culture that enables people to consciously share existing resources.

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We strongly believe that our economy provides opportunities to create a feeling of togetherness. Steward-ownership enables us to take the meaning and value of ownership to the next level and use it to create new economic paths.

Daniela Weinhold, Co-founder SHQUARED

Using steward-ownership to break entrenched structures

SHQUARED has been a steward-owned company from the very start. Re-thinking the concept of ownership and providing creative solutions to seemingly entrenched structures is part of SHQUARED’s business philosophy. Purpose helped the team to find an aligned ownership structure and the Purpose Foundations holds one percent of the voting rights to secure the company’s independence and mission in the future in the long-term.


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