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Purpose Ventures

We are supporting the next generation of founders to build robust, profitable steward-owned businesses through purpose-aligned capital. Our goal is to enable founders to align their values and mission with their ownership and financing structures and mobilize more capital towards steward-owned companies.


Purpose-driven founders need purpose-aligned capital.

Conventional VC is often at odds with the ambitions of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and their founding values and missions. These founders are interested in more than growth for growth’s sake. They want to build lasting, impactful businesses and preserve their mission in the future.


We started Purpose Ventures to help purpose-driven companies grow on terms that will not undermine their mission or independence. We provide growth capital to early-stage and Series-A startups in Europe and the United States that are committed to steward-ownership.


We invest in people who feel passionately about steward-ownership – about what it means for their company, team, purpose, and the world. Our founders want to help build a more social, sustainable economy and understand their businesses as part of the solution. In both our early-stage and Series-A investments, we look for strong teams and experienced entrepreneurs. We work closely with our portfolio companies, so we look for honest, authentic relationships.


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    People & teams

    Personally committed to steward-ownership / Strongly connected to a startup network / Inspired by steward-ownership and alternative financing / Mature, honest, straight forward
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    Early Stage

    Strong founder-market fit / Solid product vision / Well-networked founders /
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    Products and services with a clear market fit / Businesses with a solid pathway to profitability / Well-networked founders / Committed teams
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For us, steward-ownership revolutionized investments. It stands for purpose-aligned investments instead of speculations, eye-level and partnership instead of taking over.

Christian Sigmund, Co-founder and CEO of Wildplastic


We invest on a variety of steward-ownership capable terms. We work closely with teams to develop terms that support the business and meet our needs as investors. We work to find the best solution for a given company and while we have our “toolkit” of terms and structures, we are excited to explore new solutions.

We do not take voting stock in companies. All of our investments direct towards a “structured exit.” Most have a predetermined fixed return rate or multiple. We do not have a set return expectation or hurdle rate on our investments. Common financing instruments we use include revenue/royalty share, redeemable preferred non-voting equity or subordinated debt.


Ventures is an evergreen investment vehicle, which means we do not have a fixed fund term. This structure gives us the flexibility to support sustainable growth in our investments.


Interested in our work for your own organization? We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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