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We are the world’s leading consultancy for steward-ownership.

We accompany entrepreneurs and founders on their way towards a custom-tailored ownership structure for their company. We offer support in the founding process, the succession process, financing, and more.


  • Company succession – finding the fitting ownership solution for your succession

    Company succession is imminent and the classic solutions of sale or inheritance are out of the question? We support you in designing a custom-tailored ownership structure in the context of succession. To this end, we guide you through the multifaceted processes between family, succession, governance, and the legal structure surrounding this important moment in the biography of a company. In doing so, we always focus on the needs of the owners and stakeholders to find a tailor-made solution for the respective company with its own history, culture, and business model.

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    Transformation – modeling the ownership structure fitting to the company’s culture

    Is the company biography already further advanced and is the next development step in the company’s history imminent? We help you to evaluate the current ownership structures and establish coherence between the existing corporate culture and the ownership structure. For a tailor-made ownership solution, we always focus on the needs of the owners and stakeholders in order to find a custom-fit solution for the respective company with its own history, culture, and business model.

  • Purpose_Updated_Design

    Foundation – a conscious ownership structure from the very beginning

    A company is to be founded or spun off and it should be ensured right from the start of the company’s biography that all parties involved have a shared understanding of ownership or an alternative ownership model should be implemented directly? We support you in consciously dealing with the ownership structure of the (spin-off) foundation and setting the course so that a later conversion of the company ownership into an alternative ownership model is also possible. In doing so, we always focus on the needs of the founders and stakeholders in order to find a custom-tailored solution.

  • Purpose_Updated_Financing

    Financing – suitable for alternative ownership models

    Is a financing round imminent and should it be structured in line with the principles of steward-ownership? Or should the financing round continue to enable a later transformation to an alternative ownership structure? We help both start-ups and companies to find a suitable alternative financing structure that allows founders to continue to enjoy self-determination and independence in the long term. We show which alternative financing instruments can be used and help to find a suitable solution based on the needs of the company, its business model, and financing requirements.

  • Purpose_Updated_Community

    Governance – further developing of alternative ownership structures

    The transformation to an alternative ownership structure is complete and it is time to reflect on governance and develop it further? Even after a successful transformation to an alternative ownership structure, change remains the constant companion of a company. We help existing pioneers to keep their governance issues and ownership structure coherent with the company’s present and prepare it for the future.


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I was looking for a solution for the succession of my company and developed an ownership and succession structure, together with Purpose Consulting, that enables non-family succession, secures my retirement provision, and ensures the self-determination of the company and the quality of our craft in the long term.

Joachim Weckmann, Entrepreneur of Märkisches Landbrot (own translation)
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We wanted not only our products and corporate culture to promote a new world of work, but also the ownership structure of our company to be coherent with this. Thanks to the support of Purpose Consulting, we were able to develop a suitable ownership structure for us and find suitable compensation for the development work we did as founders.

Sebastian Klein, Founder of Neue Narrative (own translation)
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The fact that we did not embark on the path to steward-ownership from the beginning cost us a lot of energy, time and effort. We are grateful that we found a trustworthy partner in Purpose Consulting during this intensive period of ownership transformation. In particular, we were able to benefit from working together as equals and, with the help of their multifaceted experience, successfully developed an ownership structure and governance that focuses on the self-determination and independence of Stapelstein, which is extremely valuable to us.

Hannah König und Stephan Schenk, Founders of Stapelstein (own translation)
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We founded Vyld as a steward-ownership company right from the start to be self-determined in the long term. That's why we were looking for a suitable financing structure. Purpose Consulting really helped us to develop a solid alternative model that suited our needs and on the basis of which we were able to develop our own FPPA financing instrument.

Ines Schiller, CEO and Co-Founder of Vyld (own translation)
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For us as a platform company that develops technology for online marketplaces, the question of ownership and governance is of central importance. Purpose Consulting has worked with us to develop a governance that ensures that the value created by users benefits them and remains in the company and cannot be sold.

Juho Makkonen, CEO and Co-Founder of Sharetribe




We are keen to provide guidance to people who face questions concerning their company ownership.



In collaboration with the Purpose Foundation, we provide our knowledge to all interested people through open content materials. With this approach, we aim to give as many companies as possible access to an individual ownership process.