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Many businesses need help navigating the path to steward-ownership. We offer customized services to startups and mature sized businesses to help founders and business leaders develop ownership and financing structures that align with their purpose, strategy, and long-term vision.

Anchor your purpose

Whether you are looking for a succession solution or just starting your company, purpose-driven businesses need ownership and financing solutions that align the interest of all your stakeholders with the purpose of your company.

How we can support you

  • Exploring ownership
    We facilitate workshops and conversations between founders, teams, and investors to help envision how steward-ownership may apply to your business.

  • Purpose_Updated_SOAssessment

    Steward-ownership assessment
    We work directly with founders, leaders, and teams to understand the current state of the business and its future goals. Together we identify what next step is a good fit for the company based on the needs of the business and key stakeholders.

  • Purpose_Updated_Design

    Ownership design
    Together we explore different legal solutions and support you in designing a legal and governance structure that reflects your company’s mission, values, culture, and strategy.

  • Purpose_Updated_Financing

    Aligned financing
    Whether you are looking for growth capital or need financing to recapitalize your company as part of a transition to steward-ownership, we help your team develop steward-ownership aligned financing structures. We work with you to forecast and model scenarios to define business needs and assess aligned financing options.

  • Purpose_Updated_Law

    Legal execution
    In collaboration with our network of lawyers and tax advisors, we support you in executing the ownership conversion to ensure the structure is properly implemented.

  • Purpose_Updated_Community

    Stakeholder engagement
    We engage with employees, investors, and key stakeholders to ensure your transition to steward-ownership is understood across your organization.

  • Purpose_Updated_Coaching

    Facilitation & coaching
    Throughout our engagement, we provide coaching to founders, executives, and current shareholders as well as facilitate conversations among stakeholders to help you navigate the fundamental questions that often arise during an ownership transition process.

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