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We provide patient, mission-aligned capital to steward-owned companies through our investment vehicles: Purpose Ventures and Purpose Evergreen Capital. Through our investments, we support growth and help businesses transition to steward-ownership.

Aligned capital solutions

Capital investments are conventionally inextricably linked to control rights over a business. Steward-ownership retools the relationship between capital and control, ensuring that control is no longer saleable and instead remains in the hands of stewards. Because steward-owned companies do not want to exit, they need alternative financing solutions to grow and recapitalize. We established Purpose Ventures and Purpose Evergreen Capital to support these businesses through purpose-aligned financing.

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Delivering high returns in a short time-frame always makes it harder for a company to fulfill its purpose, and to deliver the impact that made us invest in the first place. Balancing our expectation of a fair return with the needs of the company is the key to achieving social and environmental impact as well as sustainable dividends.

Alexander Kühl, Managing Partner Purpose Evergreen Capital

Purpose Ventures

For purpose-driven entrepreneurs, the conventional VC model is often incompatible with the mission of the company or the type of company they want to build. With Purpose Ventures, we provide mission-aligned capital to help early-stage and Series-A steward-owned startups and businesses grow and succeed without selling themselves. Our terms allow companies to stay independent, provide investors liquidity without a sale or exit, and build impactful companies.

Learn more about Purpose Ventures.

Purpose Evergreen Capital

To stay independent and mission-driven for the long-term, mature, successful companies need alternatives to private equity, doing a conventional IPO, or being bought by a large corporation. Increasingly, founders and owners are looking to steward-ownership as a long-term ownership solution. With Purpose Evergreen Capital we help mature businesses provide liquidity to early investors and founders and transition to steward-ownership with patient, mission-aligned capital.

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