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Founded in 2019, is a living network organization that creates a company sharing network providing a corporate infrastructure to develop and market products. Instead of building a company yourself or being employed by one, anyone can join and be part of this New Work ecosystem that creates a work environment built on self-determination, fairness, collaboration and equality. Individuals and teams can choose when, where, how much, with whom, and what they work on. This way, enables people to create successful and more sustainable products.

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To safeguard its guiding principles and be part of a social, holistic, and sustainable economy, was founded in steward-ownership. Purpose supported during this process and protects its mission and independence as veto-share holder. By separating voting shares from economic shares, steward-ownership ensures the independence of and protects it from becoming an object of speculation in the long-term.

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Changing ownership structures in cooperation allows competitors to become collaborators and employees to become partners.

Kalle Bendias, co-founder

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12/2023 | Food&Ag, Startup, Platform, Stuttgart, remote

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