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Founded in 2021, Moxworld partners with visionary and progressive companies built on life-loving technologies and solutions to improve their business development. The global team helps turn great technologies into successful businesses by bringing in strategic and marketing skills along with their vast global networks. Moxworld helps companies with their business development including vision creation, roadmaps, and strategies, storytelling, branding, marketing, go to market-functions as well as raising funds whenever that is needed. In 2022, Moxworld transitioned to steward-ownership. The Purpose Foundation Switzerland holds the veto share, thus protecting the company’s independence and permanently guarding the principles of steward-ownership.

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Our mission is to make life-loving businesses thrive. To help shift the global economy to serve everyone, including nature and the planet – not just a few. Walking one’s talk matters. Steward-ownership is all about that.

Tarja Castel, Founder & Visionaire

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