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Payactive provides innovative, digital, and smart payment methods. It was founded as a steward-owned company in April 2020. Its products paperless, neverlate and entiresmart offer all-in-one solutions for processing invoices and direct debit payments. As part of the social cashback, Payactive builds a bridge between smart, digital, customer- and entrepreneur-friendly payment methods and social commitment: every Euro of sales generated by payments conducted through the Payactive platform is donated to projects contributing to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Payment, Purpose, People, Planet

With the payment platform Payactive, the founders have created a driving force to generate capital towards the realization of the UN Sustainability Goals. Using their expertise and know-how for digital and smart payment products, they seek to generate more social and positive impact for people and planet. To guard the company’s mission in the long-term, Payactive was founded as a steward-owned company. As a social and steward-owned business, Payactive puts purpose before profit.

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We only have one planet - it is our duty to rethink entrepreneurial ownership and the use of profits.

Mathias Born, Co-founder

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