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Neue Narrative

Neue Narrative

The Berlin-based publishing company Neue Narrative is initiating and seeks to enable a discourse about a life-serving and sustainable economy. Published three times a year, the Neue Narrative magazine prints stories from a new, purpose-oriented world of work inviting its readers to rethink, imitate, and tackle work-related issues and challenges on their own.

In addition to publishing on the practices of new work and agile working methods and new forms of organizations and business concepts, Neue Narrative also organizes trainings and workshops.

For a life-serving and sustainable economy

Neue Narrative was formed out of the work collective TheDive. With the support of Purpose, Neue Narrative transformed in 2020 to steward-ownership to guard its mission of empowering people to help shape a new and more sustainable form of economy. Purpose Ventures provided initial seed-financing and the Purpose Foundation holds a veto share to safeguard the new legal structure and the company’s long-term mission.

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Steward-ownership enables start-ups to use their agility and innovative strength to 100% serve people and society.

Sebastian Klein, Co-founder Neue Narrative

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