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Fair Trade Power

Independent and engaged Fair Trade Power provides Grüner Strom Label certified electricity from 100 percent renewable sources to households and businesses. Since 2016, the energy company has provided 100 percent renewable energy from sources such as solar, wind, and hydro energy and has no connection to coal and/or nuclear energy. Fair Trade Power not only helps reduce the carbon footprint of individuals, households, and businesses but actively contributes to the democratization and proliferation of renewable energy generation in order to protect the climate and limit warming to 1.5 degrees.

Changing the energy market together

Fair Trade Power seeks to change the basis of energy production to one that meets climate protection needs now and is sustainable in the future. With fairness as the company’s trademark, Fair Trade Power actively seeks to establish fair and transparent relations with energy providers, customers, sales & cooperation partners alike. It uses part of the profits made on every kilowatt-hour sold and invests a certain amount in new and innovative renewable energy projects like the 1000-roof program – an initiative building Solar panels on large factory rooftops. Fair Trade Power sought to protect its mission and independence in the long run and transitioned to steward-ownership in 2021. The Purpose Foundation protects the steward-ownership structure by holding the veto-share. This way, the company’s independence is secured in the long run and profits continue to support growing the capacity of renewable energy generation in Germany.

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By putting people rather than just profit at the heart of every decision, steward-ownership makes business an enabler of fair and sustainable practices.

Coralie Spitnzer, co-founder

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