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Founded in Freiburg in 2019, the mobile phone operator WETell celebrated its Purpose-wedding in 2022 and became the first steward-owned mobile phone company. With its sustainable mobile tariffs and focus on climate protection, data protection, fairness and transparency, WETell offers mobile communication products for everyone looking out for conscious and sustainable consumption. In this way, WETell sets new standards in the mobile phone industry and shows that modern and digital services can be sustainable and fit for all future generations.

In May 2022, WETell celebrated its Purpose-wedding and transitioned to steward-ownership. The Purpose Foundation holds the veto share, thus protecting the company’s independence and permanently guards the principles of steward-ownership.

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We founded WEtell to bring more sustainability and fairness into the mobile phone business. Making WEtell a steward-owned company has been incredibly important and beautiful for us since the beginning. Now it can't be shaken: WEtell will forever remain values-driven.”

Andreas Schmucker, founder WETell

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