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Jochen Eckel

The bread bakery MÄRKISCHES LANDBROT was founded in 1930 in Berlin. When CEO Joachim Weckmann took over the company in 1981, he turned the business into an all-organic bakery. Since 1992, MÄRKISCHES LANDBROT only uses and produces bioydynamics products. In line with the biodynamic production process, 90 percent of all the wheat used is bought from biodynamic farms around Berlin. Today, the Berlin-based bakery produces up to 8,000-kilo bread a day, making around 62 different kinds of baked bread products that are delivered to more than vending points such as organic supermarkets, small organic shops, food coops, and community nursing homes.


For MÄRKISCHES LANDBROT it’s all about bread – healthy, biodynamic, and high in quality. Following their motto “our bread is as good as the grain from which it is made and as healthy as the soil in which the seed grows”, the bakery follows a thorough biodynamic production process and not only aims to produce high-quality bread but to also take social responsibility and promote a sustainable relationship between products, people, and the environment. With the goal to contribute to the healing of the soil and the well-being of people through their products, the bakery only uses grains produced from local biodynamic farms and supports the recultivation of traditional grain varieties such as mountain rye or emmer and einkorn wheat.

More than a bakery – building a fair, transparent, social, and ecologically friendly business

For MÄRKISCHES LANDBROT being an inclusive, fair and socially responsible company is important and demonstrated throughout the value chain and relationship with all stakeholders involved. Over the past forty years, the bakery has established an active, open, and transparent exchange and cooperation with employees, consumers, distributors, and retailers. Paying above-average wages or committing to long-term contracts and fixed rates with farmers to promote their independence and sustainability are only two examples. In addition, MÄRKISCHES LANDBROT spends at least ten percent of its net profit to support projects in the local community as well as in and outside of Germany, the company promotes organic farming and non-genetically modified food campaigns as well as initiatives promoting climate, nature, and environmental protection.

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Supporting the common good is in our DNA. With MÄRKISCHES LANDBROT, we aim to contribute to fighting critical social challenges.

Joachim Weckman, CEO

Baking with purpose

In September 2021, Joachim Weckman founded the non-profit foundation Märkisches Landbrot and transferred all of his shares to the foundation making it the owner of MÄRKISCHES LANDBROT. The company’s assets, as well as the profits generated, thus remain within the company structures itself or serve the foundation’s non-profit goals. This way, Joachim Weckman ensures the company’s support for the common good, its social and community engagement as well as the ecologically friendly business commitment in the long run and for when he steps down as CEO in the near future. Transitioning to steward-ownership by setting up a single foundation-ownership model protects MÄRKISCHES LANDBROT’s independence and purpose for the next generations to come. Those in charge must not only possess the right set of skills to manage a company but must also share the company’s mission and values.

The Board is made up of four employees and one farmer representative. Joachim Weckmann will remain head of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Foundation for a transitional period of time and he will hold an advisory position as Managing Director of Märkisches Landbrot until he retires. In the future, the company strives to increase further democratic and participatory structures and transfer more responsibility and decision-making capacity to its employees.

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MÄRKISCHES LANDBROT transitioned to steward-ownership to secure the company’s purpose and social commitment in the long run.

Joachim Weckmann, CEO

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