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Founded in summer 2021, the start-up company pack&satt enriches the food industry with healthy and sustainable ready-made one-pot meals. Combining healthy and sustainable nutrition, the einpott is an ideal everyday solution for everyone who values healthy and nutritious food but who lacks the time to cook fresh meals themselves. Being a true one-pot solution, the einpott uses deposit jars, thus combining good and healthy food with environmental protection.

More than just a delicious meal

With pack&satt you no longer need to compromise eating ready-made meals. With their mission of “good food for everyone”, the start-up combines healthy nutrition, ecology, and sustainability in just one product. For the three founders, their product and business values have been the focus of their undertaking right from the start. To integrate their understanding of ownership and corporate management into the DNA of their company, pack&satt was founded in steward-ownership. Profits are reinvested in the company and its mission, such as the preservation of nutrient-rich soils to ensure healthy food for everyone. Holding the right to veto, the Purpose Foundation protects the steward-ownership structure and guards the company’s independence and mission alignment.


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For us, steward-ownership means being part of a new economy that serves our planet and people (and good food!).

Sophie Gnest, co-founder