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The social business consultancy Somigo was founded in spring 2020. It advises small and medium-sized companies on how to integrate social engagement in their business culture and day-to-day work. The social start-up brings companies and non-profit organizations together to create impactful and authentic partnerships between them.

Creating mutual value through strategic social engagement

Moving social engagement out of the private sector and highlighting its strategic and valuable opportunity for businesses is key to Somigo’s work. To support the development of sustainable and valuable partnerships, Somigo is set on creating synergy effects for both sides: honest commitment instead of actionism and greenwashing, investment and societal participation in economic successes instead of donations, business and team development. Companies receive support to become purpose-led and social agents – independent of their business sector. To protect their mission right from the start, Somigo was founded in steward-ownership. With one percent of the voting rights, the Purpose Foundation is obliged to veto any changes made against the steward-ownership structure.

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Steward-owned companies are the companies of the future, where employees are intrinsically motivated to change the world for the better.

Kai Giersiepgen, founder

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