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Originally founded as a student project, the Hamburg-based startup Goldeimer was founded in 2014 as a social business. With a large portion of creativity, humor, and courage, the non-profit organization sells products such as disposable toilets (often used for festivals), toilet paper, and soap and offers training and workshops on sanitation and hygiene. Since its foundation, Goldeimer has been part of the Viva con Aqua network working together to support water, sanitation, and hygiene projects around the world.

All for toilets! Toilets for all!

Goldeimer’s vision “All For Toilets! Toilets For All!” proclaims the underlying mission of its work. Profits generated from selling their products and services go directly into the company’s non-profit work and projects with the aim for sanitary provision to become accessible and safe worldwide. In 2022, Goldeimer transitioned to steward-ownership to safeguard the company’s independence, self-governance, and purpose-orientation in the long run. The Purpose Foundation protects the steward-ownership structure of the company by holding the veto share.

Have a look at the Goldeimer case study and learn more about their mission and ownership structure.

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