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ARCHE Naturküche

ARCHE Naturküche offers Japanese and Asian organic specialities and healthy, functional organic “kitchen helpers” for baking, binding and gelling. Through its unique product portfolio, strictest product guidelines and uncompromisingly high quality, ARCHE has earned an excellent reputation and high brand awareness among consumers.

With the decision to transform ARCHE Naturprodukte GmbH to steward-ownership, Stefan Schmidt, the Managing Director for many years, decided to continue and secure the original purpose of the company – distributing healthy, sensible and sustainable products. As a PURPOSE company, ARCHE Naturprodukte GmbH works in a purpose-oriented manner and decides independently on its strategic and content-related orientation.

All employees are part of a forward-looking, courageous and lighthouse company in which the performance and commitment of each individual determines the well-doing of the company and its employees.

Inspired by tradtion

The founders of ARCHE Naturprodukte GmbH were inspired by the traditional Asian way of eating and by the recipes of macrobiotics that have been passed on through generations. In the mid-1980s, ARCHE sought to save this sensible, time-consuming, and valuable processing of foods into the 21st century and make it accessible across Europe.

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Only when a company is no longer driven by outside capital interests, but mainly by the inspiration and ideas of its employees, can something great and truly sustainable emerge and grow and mature in peace.

Stefan Schmidt, steward-owner ARCHE

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