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Many businesses need support to become steward-owned. We advise companies to help them map their way towards steward-ownership as well as offer businesses to hold a veto share with our charitable Purpose Foundation as one way to become steward-owned.


The path to steward-ownership varies greatly between businesses and depends on a company’s size, culture, industry, and leadership. To support companies, we work directly with companies of all sizes to chart a path to steward-ownership that aligns with their needs and goals.

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Many forms of steward-ownership, i.e., foundations- or trust-ownership, are expensive to set up and administer, making them inaccessible to smaller companies. To make steward-ownership more accessible and affordable, we offer businesses to hold a veto-share in their company with our charitable Purpose Foundation.

Open source resources

We are building a resource data bank of open content materials and materials to make transitioning to steward-ownership and raising capital on alternative terms easier – independent of Purpose’s support.