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Purpose Evergreen Capital

Purpose Evergreen Capital provides patient, value-aligned capital to small and medium-sized enterprises. Our vision is to enable businesses to remain independent and true to their values.

We support

As an entrepreneur, you are faced with the challenge of how to successfully hand over your company outside of family succession and simultaneously receive a fair pension and compensation for your achievements?

You are planning a management-buy-out while transforming into steward-ownership and need financing?

You would like to transition into steward-ownership and access patient capital for the buy-out process of previous investors?

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”If we want a world that is not dominated by profit-at-all-cost entities, we must champion alternative ownership.”

Perry Chen, Co-founder of Kickstarter

How we invest

Purpose Evergreen Capital is changing the paradigm of conventional investments where money equals power.

We refrain from buying decision power through voting rights. Instead, we see ourselves as partners at eye level with your company. That is why we invest without voting rights: those should be held by stewards of the company – with a long-term, non-heritable and non-marketable character.


Scope of investment
0,5 Mio € to 5 Mio €

Investment period
Purpose Evergreen Capital is an evergreen investment fund without pressure to force an exit. Contracts normally run between 8 to 13 years.

Getting started
We offer equity or subordinated loans, or a mixture of both.

In alliance with steward-ownership, we do not hold voting rights and the investor return rate is capped at a maximum rate.

Type of investment
We provide investments for successions, transfers, or growths for companies already in or transferring to steward-ownership.

Team Purpose Evergreen Capital


We invest in a wide range of businesses from organic wholesalers to consumer goods and technology companies. Here’s what we look for in businesses and teams:

  • MVP_PEC_Commitment


    Legal commitment to the preservation of a company’s mission through steward-ownership.
  • MVP_PEC_BusinessStage

    Business Stage

    Mid-sized companies with 5+ years of successful operating and profit history.
  • MVP_PEC_OpCapacity

    Operational Capacity

    Businesses with experienced management teams, no turn-around situations, clear succession plans, and long-tenured executives.
  • MVP_PEC_Founders


    Founders who put legacy and mission preservation above maximum valuation.

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Are you looking for succession solutions or financing for growth?

Get in touch with us and send us information about your company, revenue, company age, and profitability that will help us to classify.

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Our Investors

Around 20 investors from all over Europe have invested €30 million in Purpose Evergreen Capital. Among them are entrepreneurs like Michael Hetzer of elobau, who have implemented steward-ownership themselves, but also investors from institutions like the BMW Foundation.

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We are interested to see how investments work that do not follow the short-term-oriented logic of the capital market.

Frank Niederländer, BMW Foundation