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Purpose Evergreen Capital

Purpose Evergreen Capital provides patient, values-aligned capital to enable businesses to transition to steward-ownership. We invest over the long-term, so companies are never forced into a quick sale. Our capital exists to help companies preserve their mission and independence by circumventing conventional exits through steward-ownership.

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”If we want a world that is not dominated by profit-at-all-cost entities, we must champion alternative ownership.”

Perry Chan, Kickstarter co-founder


Mature, mission-driven businesses need alternatives.

For mature, successful mission-driven businesses the prospect of private equity, going public, or being owned by a large corporation is often misaligned with the company’s mission, values and goals. These businesses need alternatives to conventional ownership succession that will enable them to stay purpose-driven and independent for the long-term.


Purpose Evergreen Capital supports businesses to become steward-owned.

We are focused on long-term sustainability, mission-preservation, and corporate independence. In our investments, we leverage alternative financing solutions to buy-out early or non-aligned investors as well as finance successions to make it possible for companies to become steward-owned and to grow and succeed over the long-term.

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We invest in a wide range of businesses from organic wholesalers to consumer goods and technology companies. Here’s what we look for in businesses and teams:

  • MVP_PEC_Commitment
    Legal commitment to the preservation of a company’s mission through steward-ownership.
  • MVP_PEC_BusinessStage
    Business Stage
    Mid-sized companies with 5+ years of successful operating and profit history.
  • MVP_PEC_OpCapacity
    Operational Capacity
    Businesses with experienced management teams, no turn-around situations, clear succession plans, and long-tenured executives.
  • MVP_PEC_Founders
    Founders who put legacy and mission preservation above maximum valuation.