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Nevi GmbH produces high-quality environmentally-friendly products made of birch bark. Originally developed for personal use Nevi products are now manufactured with a great understanding of the material and in the highest craftsmanship.

Appreciation for people and planet

Nevi’s production, distribution, storage all take place in a workshop designed for people with disabilities. Founded as a steward-owned company, Nevi actively lives and promotes its values of appreciation, self-worth, and responsibility for people and the planet. Steward-ownership protects the purpose and social-ecological mindset of the company and its founders. Purpose supported Nevi the founding process. At Nevi, steward-ownership and Purpose are considered the contemporary answer to the search for a meaningful and sustainable economy. Steward-ownership completes Nevi’s quest to combine innovative, successful business with social and ecological responsibility.

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As a steward-owned company, our business is guided by more than profit. Our goal is to contribute to society at large and to support the well-being of all people involved. This is enshrined in the legal DNA of our company. We want to help build a sustainable and social economy and support others in doing so also.

Tim Mergelsberg, Co-Founder

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