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Gute Kulturen

Gute Kulturen was founded in 2018 in Hitzacker and produces fermented vegetables under the brand name Suur Culture Shock. The fermentation process preserves living probiotic bacteria and intensifies the nutrients and taste of fresh organic vegetables. Suur sells a variety of cabbage and slaw, as well as sauces and shots in ready-to-eat glasses and bottles thus successfully combining pleasure with health.

Good products - Good culture

With their company Gute Kulturen, the three founders are laying the foundation for good culture all around: on the dining table through lively and versatile food, in business cooperation through partnership and good communication, and with its transition to steward ownership in June 202. The company’s transition to steward ownership was inspired by Armin’s Ted-Talk and the founders’ conviction that a company is not an object, but a social entity that should use its profit as a means to advance and guard its mission. Purpose supported the transformation process and holds 1% of the voting share to protect the steward-ownership structure long-term.

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We are entrepreneurs by heart. As a steward-owned company, we no longer have to waste energy thinking about our corporate value - instead, we can now focus on our mission.

Martin Theben, Co-founder

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