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Envisioning workplaces as communities that provide agency, personal growth, and meaning, Greaterthan was founded in 2018 to make an active and positive contribution to the (working) world. With a background in cooperative entrepreneurship, self-governing teams and open source software, the Greaterthan team trains, supports and advises people, teams and organizations to establish and practice decentralized, self-managed and participatory work.

New work needs new ownership

Its mission to make self-management and participatory governance in organizations the new normal was the reason the company transitioned to steward-ownership in 2019. Practicing steward-ownership affirms the team’s belief that change is brought about by the collaboration of people and organizations. Purpose supported the transition to steward-ownership by providing resources, guidance, and support.

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We are committed to creating workplaces that give people more agency, personal growth and meaning, because we believe that such organizations will be able to tackle the challenges our world faces. Steward-ownership reflects these values deeply and is essential for role-modeling what it looks like to 'walk the talk'.

Francesca Pick, Founder

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06/2020 | Mature, Tech, Helsinki

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