Purpose Companies stand for full Responsibility

Purpose-Companies serve their employees and customers. Profits are primarily reinvested and serve the purpose of the company. Responsibility lies with the people and inside the organisation. Purpose-Companies work for purpose maximisation rather than shareholder-value maximisation.


Purpose-Companies commit to the principles of

1st Principle: profits = means to an end, not end in itself

We often see profit-maximisation replacing the mission of companies thus preventing them from achieving their purpose. The Purpose approach: profits serve the mission of the company and are re-invested, Purpose Companies cannot be treated as speculative goods and cannot be sold to the highest bidder

2nd Principle: Ownership = Entrepreneurship

We often see company decisions being influenced or taken by distant investors or other people, who have no active role in the company. This separation of decision-making and execution creates a structural lack of responsibility. The Purpose approach: Decisions are taken within the company. Thus responsibility and accountability remain within the company.

The charitable Purpose Foundation ensures in collaboration with Purpose companies, that the Purpose principles cannot be changed and thus become a binding commitment to customers and employees. This is a promise that Purpose companies stand for purpose maximisation rather than profit maximisation.

How does this work exactly? → www.purpose-economy.org/ownership

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“We have chosen Purpose because we want to make sure that we will always be able to prioritize our values and partners and to follow our mission and purpose”

Coliga is a platform for communities like coworking spaces and art collectives to create and curate their own job marketplace.

Many communities have a great reputation for attracting and curating talented individuals and companies, but are rarely able to translate that collective reputation into jobs for their members, or revenue they need to operate.

Coliga offers a new model to achieve both: we help communities become their own job collective and drive more jobs to members, while allowing the value of each job completed by a member to be split with the community and any other member that helped realise that opportunity.

Coliga is founded by an international team based in Berlin. Our core objective is to unlock the potential of self-organized work, and bring about a more cooperative and collaborative economy.


“We need to question the impact of our efforts and re-connect to values that got lost on the way. Decentralization will help us to find and keep our purpose.”

Jolocom re-thinks digital identity.

We offer companies the opportunity to use blockchain technologies combined with linked data. We designed a self-sovereign identity solution so customers can sign in with a single click, while keeping their data secure in their own data storage. Our smartwallet solution allows everybody to easily manage and share information with people and organizations they trust – with your data remaining yours.

We advise companies on the implementation of standard-based decentralized identity technology and help to understand and grow decentralized ecosystems. We also advise companies on compliance with data regulations like the the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

At Jolocom, we work hard to enable companies to collaborate rather than to compete. In a world where your data belongs to you and interested parties respectfully request permission to access part it your life will be richer in ways that were impossible before.

Triaz Group
Triaz Group

Triaz stands for the triangle social, ecological and economic responsibility.

The Triaz Group from Freiburg, consists of the mail order companies Waschbaer, Vivanda (formerly Panda), Pranahaus and B & W Naturpflege as well as the service provider Ewaniga. Triaz has 350 employees and is one of the leading companies in the ecological-sector.

Core competency is the trade in products that enable the customers to work in an environmentally sustainable manner in everyday life. Around 800,000 catalogs are sent annually in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

“Together, we enable sustainable and human-friendly business to come to life.”

Unternehmen mitte
Unternehmen mitte

Unternehmen mitte in Basel is a platform, work space and public living room. It is a place where ideas are born, destinies collide and friendships are lived. It keeps on going from here…

Our ownership structure enables us to achieve a transparent motivation: The work itself is the motive, not the money. Consequently, increased quality is attained in the business. This principle of free motivation is also extended to the guests. They may freely stay in the house, without any obligation to consume our products. Initially, many believed this to be “a foolish business model.” Nevertheless, it has been the foundation of our success.
He who is not forced to act, is free to act.


We decided to make a credible promise to our customers, employees and suppliers: Waldorfshop is self-owned, the company can never be treated as a speculative good and profits are means to an end and: to serve people and planet as much as we can.

Through movement, children learn and discover the world. For the healthy physical and mental development of our children, it is of great importance to try out and experience the natural urge to move.

Making children happy means offering them well thought out, children adequate and special selection of shapes and colours that appeal to them and move them.

Our thought-through product selection

Our products are designed to further the development of children and their creative skills. Therefore we have little embellished toys in our assortment, toys for a variety of movement games as well as a wide selection of creative products – tools for painting and crafting, knitting and crocheting and toys for building and crafting.

Our products are made of certified natural materials in an environmentally friendly manner. We look for aesthetic design as well as the longevity of the products.

Well thought out colour arrangement is an essential foundation of Waldorf education. This is reflected in our products as well as the soothing, harmonious effects of colours, which increases the enjoyment of creative work.

Wilde Moehre
Wilde Moehre

Many years ago we came to Berlin to study and asked ourselves what should we do with the freshly gained freedom, how should we live – reflection on life and the search for meaning were constant companions for us: How do you live a fullfilled life? What kind of person do I want to be? How can I give something back to my fellow human being? What does friendship mean? What are the values ​​you should strive for?

Slowly but steadily a desire grew within us to create a place where we could realize our ideals. We wanted to create a place in the heart of nature where everyone can find herself apart from the demands of society, where one can combine joy with relaxation and inspiration; A place where the love convinces every visitor of the right way and which can be used as a blueprint for social interaction.

Immediately after our first event, we had to admit that such a place and such a venture could not be obtained without the permanent support of a larger team. The foundation was laid to not just only create utopias as a group at the weekend but to build a long-term, sustainable and value-driven enterprise. The idea of ​​the “Wilde Möhre (carrot)” was born. The carrot was our eponym: its structure is made up of many small flowers, which together form a whole. At the same time, it symbolizes the connection to nature and its preservation. The group around “Wilde Möhre” is a constantly evolving institution, aware of its own mistakes. Our ambition is a holistic, fair and climate-friendly festival that takes into account the needs of all parties involved: guests, artists, operators, residents and not least the environment. We feel committed to our claim, which we summarize as “carrot-conforme way of doing things” – year by year we get closer this ideal with great effort. We are not a closed group, but an ever-progressing idea of life, supporting collectives and individuals not just at the “Wilde Möhre”.

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