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Who we are

Purpose supports a global community of businesses and entrepreneurs on their path towards steward-ownership. Through research, open-source resource development, hands-on support, and investment, Purpose is building the ecosystem necessary to make steward-ownership and alternative financing accessible.


Since our founding in 2015, we have grown to meet the demand for alternative forms of ownership and financing both in business communities and in the public discourse. Today, we have successfully supported dozens of companies on their path to steward-ownership and have a global footprint across the European Union, North America, and Latin America.



Companies transformed towards steward-ownership.

1000 +

Public Talks

Public Talks about steward-ownership.

250 m

Activated Capital

Committed capital for investments into steward-owned companies.


We believe that rethinking ownership through steward-ownership is central to creating a society and economy that works for people and planet.

We therefore work to make steward-ownership and alternative capital available to entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, and politicians, who want to move away from the extractive model of shareholder primacy and profit-maximization towards stewardship and purpose.

We do this by providing knowledge, resources, and capital to businesses around the world – the bottom-up movement of pioneering companies that are redefining the purpose of business in society through their ownership structures.

By questioning dominant paradigm assumptions about how ownership works, who holds power in organizations, and how businesses are financed, we’re creating new models for collaboration within organizations, between businesses, and across stakeholder groups – including the environment.


We are creating
the ecosystem of knowledge, network, and investment needed to make steward- ownership accessible.

Our work combines non-profit research, field building, and resource development with for-profit consulting and investment. All our legal entities are structured as steward-owned businesses and any proceeds generated by our for-profit activities are reinvested in steward-ownership and steward-owned companies.


Purpose is an international network of organizations working on a common purpose and mission. Our team works regionally and is based in Europe, the US, and Latin America. Our team’s mix of entrepreneurs, investment professionals, lawyers, and organizational experts enables us to look at steward-ownership and companies from a myriad of perspectives.

Team Europe

Team Purpose US

Team Latin America


If you would like to know more about Purpose, our work, and steward-ownership, we would love to hear from you.

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In order to meet the specific challenges of our mission, Purpose consists of different legal entities: Purpose Foundation, Purpose Ventures Coop, Purpose Foundation gGmbH and Purpose Evergreen Capital GmbH & Co. KGaA. All Purpose entities are steward-owned through a veto held by the charitable Purpose Foundation.