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Steward-ownership is diverse and multi-faceted, bringing together start-ups, SMEs and large corporations, and combining modern with traditional entrepreneurship, economic sustainability with economic efficiency. Here you will find a selection of different materials on and around steward-ownership.

With the Purpose Foundation‘s open content materials, we want to share knowledge, information and experiences on steward-ownership to make steward-ownership widely accessible and known and to support stakeholders, such as entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, lawyers, tax advisors, in different regions of the world in their implementation. Click here for more information on the rights of use for the Open Content materials created by the Purpose Foundation.

Enjoy reading, listening or watching.

credits: Devin Berko


Toolkit for Steward-Ownership

03/2024 | #basics, #read, #implementation, #inspiration, #start-up, #stories, #transformation

A collection of materials and information to inform, guide and support you on your journey towards steward-ownership. A must-read for entrepreneurs who are considering steward-ownership as an ownership structure for their business.


Purpose over greed – Rethinking capitalism

09/2023 | English, #read, #inspiration, #SME, #socent, #start-up, #stories

A documentary about steward-ownership, featuring the Purpose companies Ecosia, Wildplastic and elobau. What motivates founders to transform their company into steward-ownership, to set up their business in steward-ownership or family businesses to design succession processes in steward-ownership?


Case Study: Vyld

04/2024 | English, #read, #finance, #inspiration, #start-up, #stories, #transformation

A must-read for anyone who’s interested in steward-ownership aligned financing. German start-up VYLD seeks to promote menstrual health while saving the oceans. Their mission is to produce innovative, eco-friendly, and healthy products made from seaweed, starting with tampons.
Zac Wolff


OpenAI in the Context of Steward-Ownership

01/2024 | English, #basics, #read, #implementation, #inspiration, #stories

The second article of the OpenAI-series explores OpenAI’s ownership structure from a steward-ownership perspective. Outlining the technical requirements, it shows that it is important to bring the ownership structure to life with stewardship in order to be able to benefit from its potential.



04/2024 | #read, #finance, #implementation, #inspiration, #SME, #stories

The founders of Stapelstein® have been looking for ways to regain control and secure the independence of their company. The transition to steward-ownership, strategic and steward-ownership aligned buy-outs from old investors have enabled them to do so in the long term. Read more in this case study.
credits: Sharetribe


Case Study: Sharetribe

04/2024 | English, #read, #implementation, #inspiration, #start-up, #stories

This case study provides insights into how Sharetribe turned steward-owned while seeking financing for the launch of its second product. Today, their legal form and financing structure protects the company’s independence and purpose in the long term whilst enabling it to take on new investments.
credits: Kola Shobo/Majorminor


Case study: Firebrand Artisan Breads

04/2024 | English, #read, #implementation, #inspiration, #SME, #stories

A case study about the US-bakery Firebrand and their motives to adopt a steward-ownership structure to reshape local economics, emphasize shared wealth and community impact; with a focus on their financing rounds and setup.
credits: Wildplastic


Case study: Wildplastic

03/2024 | English, #read, #finance, #implementation, #inspiration, #socent, #start-up, #stories

A case study about Wildplastic, outlining the startup’s mission and founding journey to set up a steward-ownership structure and including a deep dive into their two financing rounds shaped by finding aligned and non-extractive funding.
credits: Alex Shutin


Steward-ownership is capitalism 2.0

09/2023 | English, #read, #inspiration, #start-up, #stories, #transformation

A blogpost outlining the impact of steward-ownership on capitalism by emphasizing its applicability beyond “impact companies”. Whilst addressing capitalism's negative impacts by retaining its efficiency and entrepreneurship, steward-ownership mitigates inequality and environmental concerns.
credits: Alkemio


Case Study: Alkemio

04/2024 | #read, #implementation, #inspiration, #start-up, #stories

Many founders are faced with a dilemma – how to attract top talent while money is still tight? While some opt for schemes like ESOPs not all of these models align with steward-ownership. This case study highlights how Alkemio found a way to reward both financial backers and time contributors.
credits: Goldeimer


Case study: Goldeimer

09/2023 | German, #read, #implementation, #inspiration, #socent, #start-up, #stories

This case study describes the path towards steward-ownership for the non-profit company Goldeimer. Steward-ownership allows for them to remain part of a larger decentralized network of companies whilst setting up a structure that allocates voting rights to those who carry operational responsibility.


State of Alternative Ownership in the U.S.

09/2023 | English, #read, #finance, #implementation, #inspiration

This report reflects a yearlong learning journey Purpose and RSF Social Finance undertook to explore steward-ownership and alternative financing in the US, including learnings from more than sixty conversations with entrepreneurs, investors, founders, owners, non- profits, and business leaders.
credits: Patrick Fore


On what matters

09/2023 | English, #read, #inspiration, #start-up, #stories

A blogpost about Sharetribe’s mission: to help solve global challenges with their steward-owned company. Sharetribe aims to democratize the sharing economy, increase resource efficiency, reduce inequality, and restore meaning to work. A call for collaborative action to address existential crises.