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Open Content

Steward-ownership is diverse and multi-faceted, bringing together start-ups, SMEs and large corporations, and combining modern with traditional entrepreneurship, economic sustainability with economic efficiency. Here you will find a selection of different materials on and around steward-ownership.

With the Purpose Foundation‘s open content materials, we want to share knowledge, information and experiences on steward-ownership to make steward-ownership widely accessible and known and to support stakeholders, such as entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, lawyers, tax advisors, in different regions of the world in their implementation. Click here for more information on the rights of use for the Open Content materials created by the Purpose Foundation.

Enjoy reading, listening or watching.


Arte: Mehr Sinn statt Gier – Kapitalismus neu gedacht

09/2023 | German, #watch, #historyofso, #inspiration, #SME, #socent, #start-up, #stories

Eine Dokumentation über Verantwortungseigentum, mit den Purpose-Unternehmen Ecosia, Wildplastic und elobau. Was motiviert Gründer*innen, ihr Unternehmen in Verantwortungseigentum umzuwandeln, in Verantwortungseigentum zu gründen oder Nachfolgeprozesse in Verantwortungseigentum zu gestalten?
credits: soulproducts gmbh


Case study: soulbottles

01/2024 | German, #read, #implementation, #inspiration, #start-up, #stories

A case study about the startup soulbottles outlining their process towards steward-ownership with regards to their focus on holacracy and nonviolent communication and the wish to embed these in the company’s decision-making process as well as ownership structure through employee participation.


SO:22 – Keynotes

09/2023 | English, German, #watch, #inspiration, #stories

A Youtube-playlist of six inspiring talks from the VE:22 - Conference on Steward-Ownership in September 2022. With keynotes from Prof. Katharina Pistor, Rutger Bregman, Prof. Meredith Whittaker, Gerhard Behles, Lene Skole and Lena Marbacher.
credits: Goldeimer


Case study: Goldeimer

09/2023 | German, #read, #implementation, #inspiration, #socent, #start-up, #stories

This case study describes the path towards steward-ownership for the non-profit company Goldeimer. Steward-ownership allows for them to remain part of a larger decentralized network of companies whilst setting up a structure that allocates voting rights to those who carry operational responsibility.
credits: Märkisches Landbrot


Case study: Märkisches Landbrot

01/2024 | German, #read, #implementation, #inspiration, #SME, #stories

The Berlin bakery Märkisches Landbrot has a long history of common good, sustainability and stakeholder engagement. The case study outlines the succession process into steward-ownership and the foundation structure of the company to maintain long-term independence and value-oriented entrepreneurship