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Building infrastructure solutions for identity and access management since 2014, Jolocom is a pioneer in systematically defending and promoting data ownership and a self-sovereign identity in the digital world. The development of the SmartWallet app provides a decentralized identity management system that prioritizes the interest, consent, and privacy of individual users regarding their own data. Jolocom thus presents an alternative to the never ending streams of personal data adding to a chaotic digital landscape of endless usernames and passwords and filling countless data silos of big corporations.

Company Facts

  • Location
  • Sector
    Data Security
  • Revenue
    €>1 M
  • Employees
  • Founded in
  • Steward-Ownership since

Public Infrastructure powered by steward-ownership

Joining the Purpose Network and becoming a steward-owned company in 2017 combined the business-friendly benefits of a limited liability company with the structural advantages of a foundation. Steward-ownership ensures the longevity of Jolocom’s public infrastructure projects and provides the legal structure that prioritizes purpose over profits. By setting the structure to divide the company’s profit amongst reinvestments into the business and team as well as towards social projects, steward-ownership further serves as a fundamental component of Jolocom’s brand identity enriching and supporting its image as a genuinely credible organization within the greater community.

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Self-ownership decentralizes the traditional purpose of profit and serves as a robust, enduring baseline for developing sustainable enterprises anchored in trust

Joachim Lohkamp, Founder and CEO