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Steward-Ownership Investor Network

Changing the way how we invest has a massive impact on the future economy and businesses we enable. A growing number of Investors and Partners are looking for steward-owned businesses. From Angel investor to Family Office or Impact Funds, a wide variety of Investment-partners is eager to invest in mission-driven companies that stay independent for the long run.

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I believe that an economy with more steward-owned businesses could work better in the future than the economy we have built over the last 40 years.

Christian Schad, Planet A
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I invest in steward-owned start-ups because steward-ownership aligned investments allow them to focus on and keep their purpose. It fills me with joy to see how those companies develop without external shareholders taking over control.

Michael Hetzer
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I invest in steward-owned companies because I think it is necessary and important that we find and showcase new ways of dealing with company and corporate ownership – for a healthy environment and financial system.

Ernst Schütz

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