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We serve to research and promote steward-ownership and alternative financing to help shift our economic paradigm away from profit- and shareholder-value maximization towards stewardship and purpose. Our actionable solutions ensure that companies stay mission-driven and independent.

How we work

  • MVP_NP_Research


    Through partnerships with business and law schools as well as other non-profits, we aim to explore the impact of steward-ownership on business performance, impact, and behavior towards employees, communities, and the environment. We also partner with academic institutions to do legal research, mappings of legal and governance forms, and historical analysis.

  • MVP_NP_FieldBuilding

    Field building

    Through events, press, publications, and direct engagement with entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders, we promote and communicate research on steward-ownership and its ability to keep business independent and mission-driven and to contributing to a more equitable, regenerative economy.

  • MVP_NP_Network


    We are cultivating an international network of investors, lawyers, business leaders, and advisors who recognize the need for alternative structures both within individual business and on a systems level.

  • MVP_NP_OpenSource


    We develop legal infrastructure through open-source resources, toolkits, and frameworks to make steward-ownership accessible to business leaders, lawyers, and investors. Our open-source materials include tool-kits on steward-ownership legal forms with case studies, annotated template charters, term sheets, and tax analysis.

  • MVP_NP_Internationalization


    Purpose is dedicated to making this knowledge and these structures available to social leaders around the world. We are currently active in Europe, the United States, and Latin America, but intend to expand our reach in response to demand from new regions.