The Purpose Network helps companies to stay independent and mission driven for the long term.

We believe that by innovating the way companies are owned, financed and governed, companies become more successful in the long term and can benefit all of society.

Steward-owned companies make a legally binding commitment to their employees and customers: that the company is not as a speculative good or commodity but a group of people working for a purpose. The legal structure is a clear and strong statement that they are inherently prosocial companies and serve their purpose. The wealth those companies create furthers the public benefit and they strengthen a decentralized economy.

We are working with governments to make steward-ownership an official legal form. We are uniting existing steward-owned companies and make them more visible to customers and investors.

Our aim is to create, promote and prove-out alternative ownership and financing structures that challenge the growing centralization of capital and help shifting our economic paradigm away from profit maximization towards stewardship and purpose maximization. 


Whom We Help and How 



We support mission driven companies of all sizes. We advise start-ups, SMEs and family-owned companies how to implement steward-ownership and to achieve mission lock and long-term independence. We help those companies to raise capital, connect to other companies and communicate the benefits of steward-ownership.


Impact Investors 

We connect impact investors to steward-owned companies and provide financing for companies that are steward-owned or transitioning to steward-ownership. Our fund Purpose Ventures offers unique investment opportunities in steward-owned companies.


Research and Advocacy 

We conduct research into different approaches to company ownership and their effects on companies, the economy and society. We explain the need for new ownership structures, and bring together companies, non-profit organizations and governments to implement the changes that are needed to create appropriate solutions to meet this need.


If you are an entrepreneur, business leader, investor or professional interested in building a better economy, we want to connect with you. The Purpose Network is run by a passionate team and supported by a much larger network of companies, experts, investors, donors, professionals, and partners. Members of the network contribute in many different ways to growing the movement. Every day we are inspired to work alongside people working dedicatedly and practically towards transformational economic change.

If this resonates with you, we hope you will contact us to learn more, and perhaps even contribute in your own way.

Thank You 

Your Purpose-Team


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