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Founded in 2020, the startup Wyldr delivers sustainable organic food and recipes. Selecting personal health and environmental goals online, you can choose recipes accordingly and have all ingredients delivered to your door-step. To create the best cooking experience possible, recipes are based on seasonal, regional, and organic produce.

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Eating well can save the world

Wyldr combines healthy eating with a sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle. The mission: to make green nutrition easy, healthy, tasty, and fun for everyone, whilst promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture. Recipes are based on a carefully balanced composition of macro and micronutrients and are tailored to personal nutritional needs and goals. To minimize the impact on the environment and to promote sustainable agriculture, Wlydr uses seasonal and regional food and avoids unnecessary packaging and emissions by delivering by bicycle. To protect its mission in the long-run, Wlydr was founded in steward-ownership. Purpose supported the company during this process.


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What is good for our health is also good for our planet. That’s why we believe that eating well can save the world. Steward-ownership helps us to protect our mission in the long-run.

Jakob Klassen, co-founder Wyldr