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The online fundraising platform one4good was founded in June 2021 and provides a hands-on solution for everyone wanting to support social and non-profit organizations and projects. With only one monthly subscription people can choose to support carefully pre-selected projects and organizations within the overarching themes of People, Nature and Sustainability. Using the one4good mobile app, people can design and track personal impact and easily turn discussions about wanting to do and change something into tangible support for social and sustainable projects.

Turning small contributions into big impact

one4good was founded to actively support social and sustainable change. By gathering small contributions by individuals and passing them on to carefully pre-selected sustainable projects, one4good turns small individual support into big impactful change. one4good was deliberately not founded as a non-profit organization to be able to build on an agile and flexible business model. To truly secure the company’s mission orientation and assure trust and authenticity, one4good was founded in steward-ownership. Holding the veto-share, the Purpose Foundation protects the steward-ownership structure. This way, profits are used to support the purpose and mission of the company in the long run.

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