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Creative Action Network

Having experienced an inspiring grassroots art campaign during the first presidential election of Barack Obama, the founders of the Creative Action Network (CAN) sought to preserve the momentum and use art as a tool to bring about social and political change. Founded in 2013, CAN provides a platform for a community of artists and advocates making art with purpose. Running crowdsourced campaigns for a wide array of causes, CAN invites individuals to contribute meaningful designs and develops these into a range of goods – posters, apparel to home goods.

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We started CAN to make a real impact in the world. Beyond the products we sell, the structure of our company itself reflects those values, and are built into company's DNA for years to come

Max Slavkin, Founder

Aligned investment

Frustrated by the conventional venture capital path, CAN’s search led the team to Purpose Ventures. Purpose Venture’s investment enables CAN to share the economic upside with its stakeholders (e.g., artists, political non-profits) while providing the investors a return that doesn’t rely on exiting the company. At the end of the investment, CAN will be a “self-owned” company.