We’re proud to share the result of a yearlong journey we undertook together with RSF Social Finance. Our goal: exploring steward-ownership and alternative financing in the US. Download the Report here.

The report contains the learnings from more than sixty conversations with entrepreneurs, investors, founders, owners, non- profits, and business leaders. It is the first product of their ongoing partnership to make steward-ownership accessible to entrepreneurs and investors through research, field building, and promotion.

Some of our key insights:

Demand for Steward-ownership is growing:

Since we started this learning journey in January 2019, we have been contacted by more than a hundred businesses in the US interested in steward-ownership and alternative financing.

Businesses need alternative solutions:

We heard from startups, mature businesses, founders, CEOs, family members, and teams about the ways existing ownership models are misaligned with the needs, aspirations, and purpose of businesses. What we learned is that purpose-led businesses are looking for new ownership and financing solutions to grow sustainably and thrive long-term.

Research on governance and impact metrics is needed:

As alternative ownership forms gain traction, new questions are emerging about the benefits, challenges, and efficacy of different models. We need more research on these solutions, and how governance and financial inclusion creates more and better outcomes for workers, communities, and regional economies. This will require developing new ways of measuring business value-creation.

Read the full Report to learn more about the possibilities and challenges ahead.