This booklet is a research publication put together for entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors and anyone with an interest in building a better economy.

We start with an interview with Colin Mayer, a well respected Oxford professor who sets the historical and philosophical context for our exploration into alternate ownership (page 10). Form there, we have a brief call for ownership experimentation by Albert Wegner, a well known Venture Capitalist, advocate of Basic In-come and economic thinker (page 22).

Following that, you will find resource specifically addressing the topic of “steward-ownership” – an ownership form with a long history as a solution for companies to enshrine their purpose at their core. In this section, you will find case studies of companies that have lasted generations, weathered economic collapses and conflicts, created significant profits and continually innovated on their core businesses (page 26). Accompanying them you will find an interview with Thomas Bruch, the CEO in 5th generation of the German family owned company GLOBUS with 43.000 employees (page 34). His personal experiences are powerful and pragmatic windows into the ideas presented here.

This booklet is produced by the Purpose Network, which is dedicated to helping companies stay independent and missions driven for the long term. You can read more about our organisation and the work we do on page 70.

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